Data Visualisation using Tableau

This is course to use Tableau for Data Visualization.

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The course enables the learner to use Tableau for creating Dashboards, Reports , Story Board and creative visuals for depicting insights in Data

At the end of the course , participants would be able to use data visualization for insight presentation.

Target Audience
This course is ideal for anyone looking for Visualization using Tableau to improve their skills or start a career in data science, business analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning.

Access Time frame
Life Time Access.

No Prerequisites required.

Type of Certification
Certificate of Completion

Format of Certification

Professional Association/Affiliation
The certificate is issued by Imurgence an autonomous institution and endorsed by SiCureMi an IIT Delhi incubated Analytics Firm

Method of Obtaining Certification
Upon successfully completing 80% of this course, the learner will be able to download digital copy of the Certificate and Mark sheet from the Certificates section . The Mark Sheet will keep on updating as the learner progresses towards 100% completion.

Curriculum For This Course
19 Lessons 1:08:55 Hours
Introduction to Tableau
2 Lessons 00:06:39 Hours
  • Introduction to Tableau 1.1 00:03:35
  • Introduction to Tableau 1.2 00:03:04
  • Installation of Tableau 2.1 00:03:13
  • Using Tableau 2.2 00:03:29
  • Connections in Tableau 2.3 00:04:33
  • Tableau Panes 2.4 00:03:23
  • Analyzing Data 3.1 00:04:33
  • Analyzing Data 3.2 00:03:43
  • Analyzing Data 3.3 00:04:07
  • Analyzing Data 3.4 00:01:27
  • Date Math in Chart 4.1 00:02:50
  • Sales & Profit Calculations 4.2 00:03:11
  • Dual Axis Chart 4.3 00:02:37
  • Geographic Map 4.4 00:05:46
  • Geographic Map 4.5 00:02:05
  • Geographic Map 4.6 00:05:17
  • Custom Shapes 5.1 00:04:15
  • Dashboards and Stories 5.2 00:03:45
  • Uploading File to Tableau Server 5.3 00:04:02
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Student Feedback
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  • Tue, 02-Apr-2019
    Kriti Mehra
    When I completed this module I understood that only data science/analytics/machine learning is not enough, in organizations we need to present our results in graphical and easy to understand form. I recommend this as a value add.
  • Kriti Mehra
    Wed, 15-May-2019
    Ravi Sharma
    This course offers certification, hence I am learning it. 
  • Ravi Sharma
    Tue, 21-May-2019
    Shyam Makwana
    I am interested in Data Science and Tableau as per my research is a good to have tool, hence I am learning it.
  • Shyam Makwana
    Thu, 30-May-2019
    Pradeep Gandhi
    I actually enrolled for basic R course worth 2K, I have partially learnt Tableau, and so far the topics I covered are interesting.
  • Pradeep Gandhi
    Tue, 04-Jun-2019
    Ruben Nair
    This too is complimentary, so learning as it as a part of Data Science.
  • Ruben Nair
    Tue, 04-Jun-2019
    Surya Joshi
    I want a job in Data Science hence completing all complimentary courses for certification.  The content is relevant and understandable.
  • Surya Joshi
    Tue, 04-Jun-2019
    Aditya patil
    It is helpful in Data Visualisation, in fact R and Python too offers is, however, the representation on this tool is better and it is easy to comprehend.
  • Aditya  patil
    Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Pooja Rajput
    Nice and handy tool to learn and use for representation.
  • Pooja Rajput
    Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Rakesh Jadhav
    The course is easy to understand, and useful as I am able to connect the R/ Python results to Tableau for better  display.
  • Rakesh Jadhav
    Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Rohit Gupta
    I like automation, and I learnt several Tableau feature in this course, which offer simplified representation of Data.
  • Rohit Gupta
    Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Jay Dikshit
    Tableau is very effective tool, I learnt the tool and can use it effectively now. 
  • Jay Dikshit
    Thu, 04-Jul-2019
    Tejas Naik
    I learnt other visualisation tools, however, wanted to learn Tableau
  • Tejas Naik
    Fri, 05-Jul-2019
    Jatin Banerjee
    The course is important to me from the perspective of knowing Data Science and related tools. Though it was complimentary, I find it valuable.
  • Jatin Banerjee
    Mon, 08-Jul-2019
    Balendra Singh
    Tableau is a good software and I am learning to integrate R’s results with Tableau for visualization.
  • Balendra Singh
    Wed, 10-Jul-2019
    Naveen Agarwal
    The course has trained me on interfacing Tableau with R and Python seamlessly.
  • Naveen Agarwal
    Thu, 11-Jul-2019
    Mitesh Purohit
    I have learned this course, however, some features are available in R program too.
  • Mitesh Purohit
    Sat, 13-Jul-2019
    Gautam Kumar
    I got it complimentary with the iDS, however, it is worth as visualization created wonders.
  • Gautam Kumar
    Sat, 13-Jul-2019
    Pranit Laghari
    The combination with R & Python is good, because market requires Data Visualizers too.
  • Pranit Laghari
    Tue, 16-Jul-2019
    Darpan Jha
    I found it easy to learn, I enjoy working on Tableau course designed by Imurgence.
  • Darpan Jha
    Tue, 16-Jul-2019
    Aadi Deshmukh
    The course is okay, it has helped me understand and establish relation between Python outcomes and it representation through Tableau.
  • Aadi Deshmukh
    Wed, 17-Jul-2019
    Harish Reddy
    This course help me to understand the visualization of Data in the form of charts and Pie diagram.
  • Harish Reddy
    Mon, 26-Aug-2019
    Shaurya Batra
    This course teaches visualization of data in the form of charts and pie diagram. I developed interest in the course while learning its nuances.
  • Shaurya Batra
    Wed, 28-Aug-2019
    Navin Naidu
    The course is easy to learn and it is advisable to be learned simultaneously along with R / python. The course offers augmented display of Data.
  • Navin Naidu
    Fri, 30-Aug-2019
    Shusmita Kulkarni
    It is very helpful in data visualization, the good part is that you can interface the data with R & Python.
  • Shusmita Kulkarni
    Mon, 02-Sep-2019
    Abhyank Mishra
    I was aware of visualization through Excel, but this tools can offer many more things than excel visualization.
  • Abhyank Mishra
    Tue, 03-Sep-2019
    Aabhi Soni
    My objective was to understand linking R & Python to Tableau, I must say I learned it well.
  • Aabhi Soni
    Wed, 04-Sep-2019
    Anthra Srivas
    I found it worth the effort.
  • Anthra Srivas
    Thu, 05-Sep-2019
    Kushit Malik
    The tool helps in merging Tableau results along with R and Python.
  • Kushit Malik
    Sat, 07-Sep-2019
    Chetan Parekh
    Nice and manageable tool to learn and use for representation of data.
  • Chetan  Parekh
    Mon, 09-Sep-2019
    Harmil Das
    I actually enrolled for the basic R course worth 2K, however, I have partially learnt tableau, as it was being offered as a complimentary course then.
  • Harmil Das
    Wed, 11-Sep-2019
    Baloo Naran
    The course has trained me on establishing a seamless connection with R and python results.
  • Baloo Naran
    Wed, 11-Sep-2019
    Shauree Rastogi
    The course is effective, it has helped me understand the outcomes and representation of structured Data.
  • Shauree Rastogi
    Fri, 13-Sep-2019
    Arundhti Krishan
    The course is important to me from the point of view of gathering extensive knowledge of data visualization.
  • Arundhti Krishan
    Fri, 13-Sep-2019
    Knika Jain
    I always wanted to learn the entire combo covering R, Python and Tableau, this course has helped me achieve my goal.
  • Knika Jain
    Wed, 18-Sep-2019
    Prutvi Gupta
    I learned several tableau features in this course, I will try to master it further.
  • Prutvi Gupta
    Thu, 19-Sep-2019
    Aakashdeep Chauhan
    Overall course is nice with the detailed explanation of the use of this software for data visualization.
  • Aakashdeep Chauhan
    Fri, 20-Sep-2019
    Ishaan Shah
    I have studied this course, however, some features of visualization are covered in the R program, but then I learned some new modules which are important for upgrading my overall data science skills.
  • Ishaan Shah
    Fri, 20-Sep-2019
    Sanjay Sachdev
    The tool is insightful, hence I am learning this course as it as a part of data science curriculum.
  • Sanjay Sachdev
    Fri, 20-Sep-2019
    Parth Modi
    I enrolled for the data science course, and got access to this course as well. The content is relevant and handy.
  • Parth Modi
    Fri, 20-Sep-2019
    Tejas Singh
    I extensively work on reporting and this tool is perfect for reporting and visualization.
  • Tejas Singh
    Fri, 20-Sep-2019
    Shivansh Rao
    This course offers limited data processing and good visualization options. I am learning it.


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