The internet has become the best place to work for over the past decade. The act need for working over the internet has become so needed is due to increased growth in the space of web developing. In fact from web development it has evolved in to Full stack development. 



When a person is able to work on both the front end and back end process in web developing then it is called as full stack development. With almost 710 coding languages that are still in existence in one way or the other it is impossible for anyone to learn all of them and work on it. But for a full stack developer the need to know at least the basics of working with major coding languages is a must so as to work as well as learn and develop their skills as the software gets updated. 

By the year 2023 the need for web developers is said to increase by 27.7%, this is one of the major causes to why there is an increase in web developers over the years. But by being a full stack developer is gives you the edge over the other developers as companies and recruiters are looking for people who can multitask. This put you in a safe position as with the growth in this sector is rapid, you will always have the experience over one or the other form of web designing and can easily move on to different positions on the job if you want to. 

Perks of being a full stack developer

High salary : being a full stack developer you will are expected to work on both the front end development as well as the back end programming of the process. This by
default leaves a full stack developer a lot more work and responsibility than a web developer, all work put in by the full stack developer is valued as the pay scale for the job is similarly high.

Employability : the chance of being employed before any other developer is considerably high for a full stack developer. Being a person who will be able to work on two development sector that would normally require two individuals the employability possibility is definitely better. Considering the amount of competition that is in play for the position of a web developer this is certainly a boost and the companies and recruiters are looking for people who can multitask rather just do one job.

Easily upgrade and switching : everyone loves having options, how good would it be if you have the flexibility to choose between what you want to do the most after working in the company for some time? That is what a full stack developer is entitled to. The job provides the opportunity to experience both the front end development process and the back end programming process after which the person can choose what they are comfortable working on and work on only that in the future. As you will be doing multiple things at the same time this also put you as the front runner for a promotion or increase of position in the company before anyone else.