While i talk about shifting domains from a career perspective, notice, i haven't specified from which , but i certainly have tried to remove the ambiguity "to domain" as a collection which is more or less synonyms - Data Science/ Machine Learning / Analytics.

First lets discuss, why we are trying to shift our domain. Mostly its lack of growth, or stagnation. Apart from this some have issues with respect to Job Satisfaction while others have a mix of lopsided demand in job market, low salary growth, nil job satisfaction and so. There could be plenty of other reasons as well. If you intend to shift your domain into Data Science aka machine learning aka Analytics, the only reason which should qualify is that you love this subject, apart from that ,any other reason is not a good reason, rather you should consider other options before you take your decision. Why , the reason is simple, its a difficult subject, you need business, statistics, coding , technology and so many other attributes to excel in this domain. So it makes sense , that if you don't love the subject of Data Science and intend to shift your domain be it any domain, then you should consider other domains before you think of this as the final option.

If you love the subject and want to shift into the quoted domain, then its a good choice, I have seen many people shifting domain assuming the pay package would increase. But we need to understand that , if its a new skill on our resume then certainly the industry would treat us as freshers here, won't they ? So obviously we can expect higher salaries for a Job wherein our skill sets are new and experience is nil. Let me give an example, suppose you are an Accountant, with roughly 6 years of experience and you are getting a monthly package of say 60,000 INR. If you shift into Data Science after doing a course, getting a job would be challenging as the industry would pay you not the equivalent of what you were getting , that means , don't expect 60,000 INR, even 30,000 INR is a great achievement. The reason is quite simple, there are resources in Data Science, who will be making 2,00,000 INR per month but probably the experience in core analytics would be more than 6 years , but you with zero years of experience in the required skill set cannot demand that luxury. Even if you do demand, there are supply constraints.

So resist making a career shift into analytics just because its a glam word. Just like it was challenging to land your first job in the current domain, its challenging here also. Yes, but i do agree , that if you truly like the subject, work hard to learn and apply your skills , you would outgrow the growth which you could have achieved in your current not interesting domain.

So whatever might be your education background, your current domain or your past domain , you can learn and excel in Data Science / Analytics / Machine Learning.

Its not the domain which gives us high or low growth, its how we excel in what we do, that matters finally.

Authored by : Mohan Rai